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Low Temperature & High Humidity Defrost Machine

The low temperature and high humidity defrost machine is composed of a polyurethane refrigerator, fan box, stainless steel air ducts, refrigerating unit and PLC. It realizes automatic production by PLC control.


The low temperature and high humidity defrost machine is composed of a polyurethane refrigerator, fan box, stainless steel air ducts, refrigerating unit and PLC. It realizes automatic production by PLC control.


1. Low temperature with high humidity defrost, which likes wake up the frozen meat gently, helps to control the lowest water loss and keep the best texture and color of the meat. Defrost in low temperature also helps to the meat sanitary control.

2. Main parts are made of 304 stainless steel.

3. Customized flexible design for the highest efficiency and the most energy saving.

4. PLC fully automatic control.

5. Automatically change to chilled storage condition after defrosting done. Food in storage can be used any time and kept in in the best fresh condition.

6. Widely applies to meat processing and aquatic products processing industries, such as poultry products, pork, beef, mutton and squids.