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Savory Flavor

The savory flavor products we supply are divided into halal and non-halal products. The Halal factory was certified by Indonesia MUI Halal in 2014. The total annual production capacity of edible flavor products exceeds 50,000 tons. The technological content and equipment level of the products are ranked first in Asia.


The savory flavor products we supply are divided into halal and non-halal products. The Halal factory was certified by Indonesia MUI Halal in 2014. The total annual production capacity of edible flavor products exceeds 50,000 tons. The technological content and equipment level of the products are ranked first in Asia. Our service scope covers meat products, condiments, snack foods, quick-frozen foods, catering and pet food. We are committed to providing complete food project solutions for the industry through technology and innovation. The R&D team consists of more than 100 people. It is equipped with two pilot workshops for meat products and instant noodle & snacks, which can provide comprehensive guidance and services for customers' new product development and testing.