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Introduction of Meat Products Packaging

The packaging materials, is one of the three strategic business units of Frachem. Frachem is the exclusive export agent of Shuanghui Development Packing Division in Indonisia,Vietman and other countries & regions. Shuanghui Development Packaging Division is one of the five strategic business units of Shuanghui Development. The annual sales capacity of packaging products exceeds 100,000 tons.


The packaging materials, is one of the three strategic business units of Frachem. Frachem is the exclusive export agent of Shuanghui Development Packing Division in Indonisia,Vietman and other countries & regions. Shuanghui Development Packaging Division is one of the five strategic business units of Shuanghui Development. The annual sales capacity of packaging products exceeds 100,000 tons. Business covers PVDC resin synthesis, plastics processing, printing, multi-layer laminating film, multi-layer co-extruded film, carton processing and so on. The Packaging Division is entitled as the largest PVDC high barrier flexible packaging materials production base in China. The Packaging Division is equipped with more than 200 sets international advanced equipment, a national inspection center and 5 professional testing laboratories. The Packaging Division is the first group authorized by QS inspection of food packaging in China, and certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality authorization. All the raw materials comply with the directives of the USA, Japan, EU or China.


The main products include

PVDC Sausage Casing Film, PVDC Laminated Film, PVDC Bag, PVDC Co-extruded film, PVDC Wrap Film, PA Tube Film, Aluminum Wire and Clip. The total products are more than 1,000 categories.


Technical advantage

The State-level Technology Center: design the most appropriate packaging solution for customers quickly.

Packaging material properties are verified in Meat Processing Division: ensure to provide customers with the products of superior quality, adaptability, good packaging appearance.

Extension of industrial chain services: use our experience of packaging solutions, meat processing experience and equipment operation to provide customers with the best quality service.


Test Advantage

World-class test equipment: a national quality inspection center and a large number of advanced testing equipment to ensure every batch to be tested.

A high level inspection team: professional, high-level inspection team and inspection capabilities to ensure the test data scientifically and accurately.

Professional standards research team: study and regional food-related laws and regulations to ensure raw materials used complying with FDA or other relevant standards.


Delivery Advantage

The largest PVDC flexible packaging materials processing base in China: ensure timely, stable, long-term, full supply to customers.

Rich product range: provide customers with a full range of products to meet different customer's packaging needs.

World-class production equipment and professional highly qualified staff: provide customers with reliable security packaging.


Service Advantage

Rich application experience: provide the most appropriate packaging solution based on customers’ demand quickly.

Professional technical on-site service will be provided to solve customers’ problems in the production process.